Learning not to Scream

As I have mentioned previously, I am a highly sensitive person, and someone who holds very high standards for myself and others. When I feel I am treated unfairly, it is incredibly difficult for me to restrain myself. I give all of myself to whatever I do, even if it is emptying disgusting, overflowing trash,Continue reading “Learning not to Scream”

You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

I have joined a handful of sober FaceBook groups in which I am quite engaged. I interact with other people on the journey of sobriety, some enjoying long term extended sobriety, others brand new to the sober life. My favorite FaceBook group, the one I frequent more than any other, is The Alcohol Experiment https://learn.thisnakedmind.com/the-alcohol-experiment-registrationTheContinue reading “You Can Lead a Horse to Water…”