Writing has been my greatest passion, the first love of my life, since age 4. Once I learned language, writing became my happy place. Writing is the source that allows me to show up in the world, it’s how I reach others, how I connect. Writing is my offering, my thank you to my Creator for this blessed life I have been given. When I am sad, I write about it in my journal. When I am angry, I express it in my writing. When I am fired up about something (often!), I write about it. When I am in full gratitude, I write about it. As a highly sensitive person, I feel things more deeply than most. When I hurt, it lands in my heart, taking away my breath, depleting me. I experience my emotions all the way to my core. When I am happy, the joy spills out of every cell in my body. My energy is tuned into the world’s energy, affected by everything. I have learned to protect my fragile heart, to be discerning, to set boundaries, to carefully choose the company I keep, to adhere to strict rules for myself about avoiding the immense negativity in the world. I do not partake or even observe voluntarily, violence, prejudice, harm to others-mine is a NO TV home. Writing is my mode of expression, my joy, my love, and my gift.

I hiked with my Bestie yesterday and we spoke about writing. She has created a magnificent program of guiding, encouraging, and supporting others to write their legacies, share their lives, their personal stories, for future and present generations to cherish and know them. I am wowed by her discipline and stick-to-itness, qualities I used to lack because drinking was always more fun, easier. The Great Escape. We discussed Writer’s Block and what can be done about it. I commented that The Artist’s Way https://juliacameronlive.com/the-artists-way/ is a wonderful method of releasing the obstacles of our minds that keep us from writing. As a recovering procrastinator (pretty much most of my life!), my Bestie knows I share many personality characteristics with some of the peeps in her group. It caused me to reminisce. I loved The Artist’s Way when I read and practiced it many years ago. Julia Cameron, Author, suggests “Morning Pages”, writing three free-flowing pages every morning in a spiral notebook, post meditation, of whatever is in our brains, letting it flow without judgment or editing. It never needs to be shared, or even re-read. This process allows the flow of words to empty from our busy brains. It is free of “shoulds” or “must dos” or any source of shame or judgment. The process of writing freely releases our creative juices. If you love to write like I do, and ever get stuck, lacking motivation, The Artists Way will facilitate the rebirth of creativity in your writing. It works for me.

I love books because I am enamored with eloquent writing. Some of my favorite people are Writers, starting with my father. My sons are both magnificent writers, they definitely received the gift. I am thankful for my love of language, my skill at learning foreign languages, and my devotion to sharing who I am with the world. I appreciate so much all of you who read my meanderings and especially those who are following me. My journey of sobriety has been the hardest, the most challenging, the biggest, and ultimately the answer to my search for all the joy I was seeking. I have never felt more alive, more raw, more excited, more in alignment with my truest self, ever. Sobriety is extremely underrated. Drinking to find pleasure where it has been buried is an illusion. It is my greatest hope that I can be a source of support and inspiration to anyone questioning whether they are harming themselves and their lives by their drinking. If you are asking that question, you know the answer. Join me on Sobriety Road. The view is amazing, the air is pure, the people are spectacular. Take my hand and we’ll leap across the chasm to the other side of The Booze Bitch’s hell. The island awaits and I know the route! It is full of authenticity, empowerment, energy, productivity, love. Let’s DO this!

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After working decades in Hospitality and businesses related to drinking, I am making the choice to become sober. Here are my musings on the adventure. Thank you for being here with me!

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  1. So sweet and so well stated Judes. I love the style and the way you write. You so eloquently put your thoughts into words for your readers to savor and ponder upon your deep thoughts and feelings. ❤️🥰😘

    1. Thank you! It means so much to me to hear feedback like this. I truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave a comment, follow me, share their thoughts. I love being an open book, and feel encouraged to keep going because of people just like you.

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